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Juul Riyadh
If you are a smoker keen to rid your life of tobacco cigarettes, it is well worth trying a JUUL vaporizer. The fact it allows you to retain the hand to mouth motion of smoking is a big selling point. So is the mouth to lung draw.

You will have no qualms over the nicotine hit you receive because it is among the strongest in the market. As a result, we especially recommend it to heavy smokers who use two packs a day or more. The JUUL vape is extremely easy to use, offers reasonable flavor, and is also very discreet. There is a one-year warranty.

However, the brand has received an enormous amount of poor customer reviews away from the official website. It may not deserve all the negative press, but JUUL’s marketing tactics did not help its cause. Recent events have forced it to scurry with its tail between its legs.

Aside from age verification, it removed all of its non-tobacco flavors. Is it a case of ‘too little, too late’ for the brand? Time will tell. The JUUL device itself is durable, and it is straightforward to use. At its sale price, it offers excellent value. Even the JUUL pods ensure you will save money when compared to your tobacco smoking habit.

Yet we find it hard to recommend JUUL, the brand, wholeheartedly. While we had no issues with leaks, dozens of customers say their device leaked almost immediately. The vapor is also inconsistent with each pull. Ultimately, if you smoke a lot of tobacco cigarettes, a JUUL device is probably a decent option. Otherwise, it’s a market leader only in terms of brand awareness.

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