Vape KSA | Precautions You Must Take to Avoid Dry Vape Hits!

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A dry vape hit is what?

The wicking material in the vaping gadgets by Vape KSA, usually cotton, should be soaked with e-liquid prior to vaping. If not, you will experience a dry vape hit. A dry vape hit may be caused by either an empty tank or a burnt coil. A coil operating at too high a wattage burns the vape juice rapidly, causing it to burn the coil itself. A nasty and irritating hot puff of air will result if the coil overheats or, in the worst cases, if a coil is covered in residue and burns it, you may inhale smoke.

How Can Dry Vape Hits Be Fixed?

Keeping the coil moist every time is the perfect solution to dry vape hits. You must always ensure that your vape coil and e-juice offered by Vape KSA are working properly and that your vaping habits are on point. Here is a list of ways to fix dry hits in vaping.

  • Always check to see if your coil and wick are completely submerged in the vape juice.
  • Avoid the habit of frequently vaping.
  • Unhurried session of vaping.
  • Upgrade your vape setup and equipment.
  • Your e-PG/VG juice’s ratio should be adjusted.

Maintain a wet wick.

An unsaturated coil is the key culprit behind dry hits when vaping using the vaping gadgets by Vape KSA. An oversaturated coil and wick would virtually eliminate the risk of dry hits. We should verify that our coils are of high quality and are compatible with our devices. A dry hit might be avoided if we cycled our coils if we experience one. A bottom coil clearomizer in the vaping gadgets provided by Vape KSA is particularly useful in this situation, as it will remain saturated almost all of the time.

Stay away from regular vaping.

vape ksa

Chain vaping, over vaping, power vaping, and high voltage vaping all contribute to dry hits. When the coil dries out or becomes overheated as a result of frequent vaping, it causes dry hits. If you frequently experience dry hits, you should alter your smoking habit. If the user is unable to alter the frequency of his vaping, he should at least use a lower strength e-liquid provided by the online store of Vape KSA. We should consume the vape at a slow and relaxed rate rather than sucking it down in one gulp.

Unhurried session of vaping.

A chain smoker’s brain always hankers for another nicotine kick after smoking. The more we smoke, the more we crave nicotine. Thus, if we recently switched to vaping, we are likely to get dry hits. Vaping utilizing the vaping gadget offered by the vape store of Vape KSA, on the other hand, is always associated with a quick nicotine fix. However, we need to know that there are various ways to vape. It is always advisable to vape by using the vaping essentials from Vape KSA at a slower, more relaxed pace. Some vapers switch off their vape pod for a while in order to reset it, and others take a ‘primer puff’ where they inhale without turning on the battery, preventing dry strikes by keeping the coil moist.

Update your vaping equipment and kits.

vape ksa

Even if you’ve implemented these precautions, you might need to switch to a different vape device like that of Vape KSA  if you’re getting a lot of dry hits. There are many durable products to select from these days. These days, a lot of advanced vape pens and mod boxes are available that allow for more control over temperature and voltage in order to avoid dry hits. You may also lower the chances of getting a dry hit by switching to a new vape juice. It is always advisable to invest in a temperature and voltage controlled vape pen or mod box in order to have the greatest vaping experience. Changing your vape flavour from Vape KSA may also decrease the chances of getting a dry vape hit, as it will change the way you vape. If you like flavour and relaxation, don’t hesitate to choose a nicotine-free vape.

Your e-PG/VG juice’s ratio should be adjusted.

E-liquids contain two primary ingredients, Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). VG is thicker than PG and has a smoother hit. It delivers a stronger cloud and a richer flavour, while the latter offers less clouds and a smoother hit. There is more VG than PG in e-liquids, which means that it takes longer for the coils to become soaked. As a result, there might be a dry hit. If your VG e-liquid produces a dry hit frequently, switch to a PG e-liquid. It might help. It’s always a good idea to take a break from vaping. A dry vape hit using the vaping devices from the online store of Vape KSA can be avoided if you follow these simple precautions. As long as you remember to take a priming puff, your coil will remain damp. It is critical to remember these simple precautions in order to have a healthy vaping session without a dry vape hit.

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