What to Do If Your JUUL Pod Has Water Damage

After spending your hard-earned money for a SAUDI vape, the last thing you need is a JUUL pod
that is damaged from water if you accidentally dropped it in a bathtub, sink, or a puddle. SAUDI
received a lot of rain recently, and you might have gotten stuck on the roads because of all the
floods. Some of the puddles still have not dried up, and you might risk dropping your device
while walking if you are not careful because it is so small and can easily slip out of your pocket.
In case your device is waterlogged, here is what you can do to fix your pod and e-cigarette.

Dissemble Your Device
Even though you will void the replacement warranty for your SAUDI vape device, you need to
take apart the JUUL. This can be done by separating the pod from your damaged equipment.
There are ways to dissemble more internal parts, but this is trickier and unnecessary for solving
this specific problem.

Dry the Outside of Your Device
With a dry paper towel, gently dab and wipe off any water you see on your device. It is hard to
tell exactly how much water has reached the inside of your JUUL. However, drying the outside
will effectively stop more from entering.

Use Dry Rice or Silica Gel Sachets
Like drying a smartphone that got dropped in the toilet by accident, you can leave your SAUDI
vape device for twenty-four hours in a paper bag, or in some loose dry rice. Usually, a spoonful
of rice is enough because unlike your phone, the JUUL is approximately the size of a USB stick.
Make sure you use uncooked rice to avoid further problems. This will absorb excess moisture
that is inside your device. Doing this at warm room temperatures will allow water from internal
parts to evaporate into the air. The water that has evaporated will get absorbed by your silica
gel sachet, or rice because they act as drying agents.

Test Your JUUL
After following these steps, you might be excited to go back to vaping in SAUDI again. Test out
your JUUL and pod after letting it sit in the drying agent for the whole day. If the light doesn’t
turn on, then you should leave your device or pod in the rice for a little longer. If you take a hit
and do not blow any vapour or notice a foul taste, then it might be time to change the pod
because the water has unfortunately damaged it for good. Even though you might be very
eager to have a SAUDI vape, you should never rush the drying process so that your JUUL can
have plenty of rest to dry out. Otherwise, this will cause more internal damage later if you do
not let all the water evaporate before taking a hit.

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