How To Vape Like A Pro?

How To Vape Like A Pro?

You too can vape like a pro by ditching the dangerous practice of smoking and taking up vaping as an alternative. It is one of the most beneficial things you can do to yourself for living a long and healthy life. Vaping has globally transformed the lives of millions who have given up smoking that is notorious for causing cancer and other deadly diseases. The basic difference between them is that vaping can efficiently deliver nicotine to your bloodstream through e-liquids whereas, by smoking, nicotine gets delivered to your system by burning tobacco. A vape pro will certainly vouch for the fact that it takes certain hours of experience and flair to master the art of vaping. As an amateur, you need to understand the proper way to inhale, the different kinds of vape devices and e-juices to use and various other vaping hacks for enjoying a flawless vaping session.

Golden Tips From a Vape Pro

1. Use Premium Liquids Only

It is always recommended to use high-quality vape juices from authentic and reputed companies like Vape Monkey KSA. They have a reputation for consistently delivering top-notch e-liquids that are clinically certified that generate exhilarating sensations on your taste buds. E-juices with substandard quality tend to provide an awful experience to the user. 

2. The Darker The Better

E-liquids tend to degrade when exposed to sunlight for longer durations and gets better when stored in cooler and darker places. The quality of the vape juices will drastically transform for the better and the flavours will undoubtedly taste delicious when stored in darker, drier and cool places.

3. Use Pyrex Tanks for Certain Flavours

Avoid using plastic tanks when you are engaging in a vaping session with acidic flavours such as menthol or citrus. The potency of these acidic flavours can deteriorate the tanks made of plastic and may lead to leaks and cracks. As amateurs, you end up trying the starter kits which are usually made up of plastic.

4. Master the Right Way to Intake

The inhalation technique is paramount to vaping effortlessly like a pro. As such, let us explore these two techniques of vaping.


MTL or Mouth to Lung technique is often performed by using vape devices that have high nicotine contents and high resistance. The inhalation that you can experience will certainly feel thick and tight with low vapours that mimics the sensations of cigarette smoking. For e-juices with nicotine content from 12-16mg, Mouth-to-lung is the ideal method of intake. And for this exact reason, they are famous among ex-smokers who crave sensational nicotine hits.


  • Draw a flavourful puff through the mouthpiece 
  • Hold the vapour inside your mouth for a couple of seconds
  • Now open your mouth and inhale the vapour into your lungs 
  • Finally, exhale deeply once the vapour reaches your lungs


Direct Lung

This is one of the most efficient inhalation techniques used by vape lovers to experience a flawless vaping session. Usually, vapers use heavy vaping devices with low resistance coils and integrate e-juices with low nicotine content(0-6mg). The method can be effortlessly employed by anyone by quickly inhaling the flavourful vapour followed by a quick exhalation.

5. Jazz Up Your Vaping Session

Experiment with different types of e-juices to explore your favourite kind of flavours that are pleasing to your palate. With the extensive collection of e-liquids from Vape Monkey KSA, it is undoubtedly a hassle-free process to access a wide range of flavours.

6. Steer Clear Of Vaper’s Tongue

Once in a while, try to switch the e-juice flavours to avoid getting the vapours tongue. This condition has been experienced by almost every vaper who has used the same flavour for extended periods. It’s a completely normal condition where the user can’t distinguish between flavours. The sensitivity can be regained once the user stops vaping for some time and hydrates regularly.

7.  Clean Your Device Regularly

To realize the authentic flavours of e-juices, it is essential to clean your vaping device regularly. It’s a hassle-free process where you have to thoroughly clean the tank, mouthpiece and atomizer. The idea is to remove any residual liquids or impurities that can hinder an exceptional vaping session. 

8. Vape Anywhere & Enjoy An Effortless Vaping Session 

Always equip yourself with the right kind of vaping devices and accessories to vape anywhere according to your preference. Vape pods are one of the prominent and essential vaping devices that provides a comprehensive vaping experience anywhere. You can explore an umpteen number of portable and handy vaping devices at the most competent prices from Vape Monkey KSA.


The above-mentioned pro tips are valuable insights that you can add to the vaping regimen to enhance the quality of your vaping sessions. Being an expert vaper takes time, and hopefully, with practice and passion, you can master the art of vaping with ease.  


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