Are Nicotine Salts Safe?

are nicotine salts are safe

If you are looking for the best Abu Dhabi vape, you might have noticed Nicotine Salts. These are
not new but have gained a lot of fast popularity in recent years. You must be wondering if
nicotine salts are safe, especially if you are new to vaping. Instead of letting you do hours of
research, we are here to inform you about nicotine salts and why they are safe for new vapers
in Abu Dhabi.
What Are Nicotine Salts
These are salt-based nicotine that naturally occurs in tobacco leaves. In the usual E-juices,
manufacturers add “Freebase” nicotine which is pure isolated nicotine. Nicotine salts are not
just nicotine on its own, they also contain other organic compounds that are naturally found in
tobacco plants. This makes their molecular makeup more stable and is best for users who don’t
feel that their nicotine craving is being satisfied enough from vaping regular juices. Nicotine
salts have more compounds that replicate cigarettes more closely. Ex cigarette smokers enjoy
vaping nicotine salts more when they are gradually switching away from tobacco.
Are Nicotine Salts Safe?
Nicotine salts are safe along with freebase nicotine in E-juices. However, nicotine salts are not
the easiest to integrate into vape juices compared to freebase nicotine. Benzoic acid is then
added into the composition of nicotine salts. There are no dangers found in vaping benzoic
acid, according to several authorized toxicology reports. Both nicotine salts and freebase are
safer than cigarettes, and there is no risk consuming either of these products, provided they are
purchased from reputable licensed businesses.
Nicotine salts are slowly gaining prominence in the vaping industry. Traditional juices have
more flavours compared to nicotine salts, but that is gradually changing. Nicotine salts should
be vaped with low-wattage devices that deliver a high dose of nicotine preferred by those who
used to smoke cigarettes heavily. These salts are ideal for those who want to satisfy their
nicotine craving. If you are not interested in high nicotine levels, then you should stick to
traditional freebase liquids. People who use nicotine salts tend to vape less than others because
they remain satisfied for a longer time. This helps save money in the long run because you
consume less, and your e-juice bottles will not run out quickly.
Best Nicotine Salt Flavours
For the best Abu Dhabi vape, we have narrowed down the most popular nicotine salt flavours
for you to try. These are Butterscotch, Apple Bomb, Blue Raspberry Ice, Classic Menthol, Classic
Tobacco, Blackberry, Berry Bomb, Glazed Donut, and Cool Melon. The list is much longer as
these are just some top picks we recommend. You can find all the other nicotine salt flavours
on our website and take advantage of the vape same-day delivery.

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